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New Dumb Blonde Jokes

This page is full of hilarious dumb blonde jokes. here you can find best And Funniest New Domb Blonde Jokes. I hope you enjoy these ultimate blonde jokes.

  • Question: If a blonde and a brunette fell off a building, who would hit the ground first?
    Answer: The brunette - the blonde would have to stop for directions!

  • Two blondes were in a parking lot trying to unlock the door of their car with a coat hanger.
    First Blonde: "I can't seem to get this door unlocked!
    Second Blonde: Well you better hurry up. It's starting to rain and the top is down!

  • Q: How can you tell if a blonde has been using the computer?
    A: The joystick is wet.

  • Q: What do you say to a Blonde that won't give in?
    A: "Have another beer."

  • Q: What did the blonde say when she looked into a box of Cheerios?
    A: "Oh look! Donut seeds!"

  • Q: Did you here about the blonde who shot an arrow into the air?
    A: She missed.

  • Q: What did the blonde customer say to the buxom waitress (reading her nametag) ?
    A: "'Debbie'...that's cute. What did you name the other one ?"

  • There's this blonde out for a walk. She comes to a river and sees another blonde on the opposite bank. "Yoo-hoo!" she shouts, "How can I get to the other side?"
    The second blonde looks up the river then down the river and shouts back, "You ARE on the other side."

  • Q: How did the blonde die drinking milk?
    A: The cow fell on her.

  • Q: What's brown and red and black and blue?
    A: A brunette who's told one too many blonde jokes.

  • Q: Why do blondes wear earmuffs?
    A: To avoid the draft.

  • Q: What do you call 10 blondes standing ear to ear?
    A: A wind tunnel.

  • Q: Why was the blonde disappointed with her trip to England?
    A: She found out Big Ben is only a clock.

I hope you enjoyed these really funny and good blonde jokes.


  1. Hilarious ones i must say.Just wondering are the blondes really dumb as they are made out to be?.Sorry for my knowledge but since i belong to india i dont know much abt them

  2. mmmmmmmmm i live in UK london nd dey r quite intelligent actually.....nd not dat dumb as dese jokes make dem seem

  3. no we r not as dumb as the jokes make us out to blondes r actually intelligent

  4. these r hilaurous quotes there so funny even if i m a blond but ther sil funny is tht hw u spel sil idk ☺ ☺ ♥ ♥ ♥♦ ♣♠◘♣♦♣♠☻♥5♠6○♣♣☻ oh lok wat i did (: bie!!@!!!!!!!!!

  5. No, blondes are not that stupid. If a brunette or redhead says something stupid, then it's ok, it's just a little mistake. But if a blonde does something stupid...then the reply is that it's because they're blonde. Logic? or stupid stereotype? Hmm...

  6. This were not funny at ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get some new jokes or get a life!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Some were ok, I've heard a few of them but oh well!!! Brunettes rock <3

  8. dudes i am a blonde take it as a good thing because then you can use your smarts against them later on when they piss you of... and when you do something stupid it wont matter they were waiting for it to happen anyways.

  9. No blondes aren't dumb but using a particular type in a joke like blonde or any other community makes it even more interesting, isn't it?

  10. You guys really need to learn how to type english right. You dont sound very smart when your sentances dont make much sense.... Go learn how to type english right....

  11. Look who's talking. And who really cares? The first person was from India.

  12. a blonde a brunnett and a redhead go into a bar when the barman realizes there underage he calls the police, so the three girls run out the back of the bar and hide in a barn.when the police arrive the head to the barn, the three girls panic and hide inside sacks,the police officer walks into the barn and kicks the first sack containing the brunnett,she replys with "meeeeow" the police man thinks it must be a cat and kicks the next sack with the redhead inside she goes "woof woof" and so the police sayz it must be and dog, moving on and kicking the last sack containing the blonde which with she replys "potatoe" :L


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