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Fat People Jokes

There are so much fat peoples in this world. They look really funny. They look funny when they walk. In this Page, you can Lots Of funny jokes aboutfat people. Here are some of the hillarious fat people jokes.

A fat lady is lying on the beach. A lifeguard approaches her
and says, "Excuse me ma'am, could you please leave the beach?"
The obese lady replies, "Why? What's wrong?"
"We'll you see," says the lifeguard, "It's getting pretty
late, and the tide wants to come in!"Hey my friend, You are so much fat that when the family has their picture taken, you’re the background. You are so fat that when you wear a yellow raincoat, kids line up beside you thinking you are the bus. One guy was so fat, he had his own area code. you are so fat when you bungee jumps she pulls down the bridge too. You are so fat you jump in the air and get stuck. “Doctor, I beg of you, please prescribe me something immediately to reduce my weight. My husband h…