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Naughty Text Messages

if i was a flower would u pick me if i was lolly would u lick me if i was a sweetie would u suck me and if i asked nicely ould u fuck me!!!A girl phoned me the other day and said..."Come on over, there's nobody home." I went over. Nobody was home.CONGRATS.A new puzzle game has been installed in your phone. To play,throw your phone against the wall.Then assemble the pieces....I really deeply wish tat u r hereI really deeply wish tat u r here with me in my room.on my bed&lights is off & we get under the cover together.. 2 show u my glow in the dark watch.Girls are like internet domain names... the ones I like are already taken. come here.take off ur pants and get on top of me....enjoy me until ur totally satisfied -lovingly urs TOILET!!!! When i look at the sun i c u! when i look at the moon i c u! when i look at the sea I c u... well get out of my way! Do you like maths?if so add a bed subtract ur clothes divide your legs and
we can multiply!north 2 north south 2so…